Our analysis tools provide the insights you want. To provide each user with the information they need, supporting their specific perspective. Define your risk buckets and analyse your portfolio components in depth. So you can provide your stakeholders with a thorough understanding of your performance. MatchingLink provides easy to implement tooling that fits your needs.



Our extensive experience helps you to analyse and monitor. So you can keep a close eye on the processes that matter to you. And dig deeper where needed. You can create tailor made overviews and alerts to maintain in full compliance with regulation and risk limits. Intranet based or in the cloud, you can monitor all the information you need, when you need it. 



Investment management faces increasing demands on reporting. Our users have fast access to the right information to enhance their decision making. They make the switch from standard tasks to high quality focus. A gradual transfer is possible, so you remain in full control of data and process integrity.